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As a leading systems integrator, CLEAR NETWORKS provides technologically advanced products and timely solutions to companies needing efficient and cost effective telecommunications between the U.S. and Mexico. Elements of our telecommunication systems include:
Components for Computer Networks
Telephone Systems
Video Conferencing equipment
Wireless Communication
We carefully evaluate all components to ensure compatibility with the European standards adopted by Mexico. With installations across the entire country, we've made it our business to provide working systems in Mexico. We enable our clients to make opportunities in Mexico, their business. CLEAR NETWORKS provides the criteria for companies to assess their status as clients. Is your company positioned in the market in such a way as to qualify you for our products and services? Candidate criteria:
Are you spending more than $2,000 per month on communicating between your U.S. and Mexico offices?
Do you require connection between your computers in the U.S. and Mexico?
Do you want to improve communications as a customer service feature, making it easier for your customers to reach you?
If you have responded yes to any of the above criterion, then perhaps we should talk. With offices in El Paso and McAllen, Texas; Juarez and Guaymas, Mexico; and with partnerships with Mexican businesses in Chihuahua, Delicias, Monterrey and Mexico City, Mexico, we can evaluate your business needs at your convenience. You can reach us today via phone, e-mail or fax.

7606 Boeing Drive Suit B
El Paso, TX 79925
(915) 775-0395
(915) 771-0905 FAX

1101 W. 30 1/2 St.
Mission, Texas 78574
(956) 583-8331

Telecommunication Management 'Service and Support' area includes portions of Mexico, including Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua and Guyamas, Sonora. Please see our "Service Area Map" for a more detailed description.

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