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Through partnering with such industry giants as AVAYA Communication, (the former Enterprise Networks Group of Lucent Technologies), CLEAR NETWORKS offers our clients communication systems that fit their needs. Small, mid-sized or large companies focused on cultivating a client service environment, improving productivity or achieving greater sophistication in application, look to us to meet their needs.

Partner ® System

AVAYA's PARTNER ® Advanced Communication System (ACS) equips small businesses with the same communication system features enjoyed by larger companies in more cost-effective sizes and configurations. As your business grows, so does ACS. And specifically designed to streamline your operations while presenting a highly professional image to your customers.

MERLIN MAGIX ™Integrated System

With capable growth to 200 phones, the MERLIN MAGIX Integrated System delivers to satisfy the needs of an expanding business. Powerful PBX supports everything from day-to-day voice calling to always-on Internet -- fast, easy and affordable. This broad range of communications capabilities comes to you via a single technology source. Therefore, the system is highly cost-effective and very easy to install, service and maintain.

DEFINITY® Business Communications Systems (BCS)

From forty telephones to a full capacity of twenty-five thousand, DEFINITY ® offers clients reliability, expandability and security. Coupled with applications such as wireless, call center and messaging, these cost effective systems may be just what you're looking for as your business expands.

And the list goes on…. Give us a call for complete details on the phone systems CLEAR NETWORKS can offer you.

7606 Boeing Drive Suit B
El Paso, TX 79925
(915) 775-0395
(915) 771-0905 FAX

1101 W. 30 1/2 St.
Mission, Texas 78574
(956) 583-8331

Telecommunication Management 'Service and Support' area includes portions of Mexico, including Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua and Guyamas, Sonora. Please see our "Service Area Map" for a more detailed description.

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